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Slogan interpretation

More than power

Today, in the environment where the industrial electrical equipment industry develops rapidly and the construction of “Intelligent power grid” is advocated, Chint Electric promotes the global strategy, introduces new brand concept and launches the core appeal of “More than power”.
“More than power” aims to follow the pulse of the times of “Constructing intelligent power grid”, rely on the strong and complete industry chain of the group company and focus on the electrical field to make electricity more intelligent, more reliable, more stable, more energy-saving and more green in all links of the electric power system, including power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, consumption and dispatch, and to enlight the future of the electrical industry with professional wisdom, promote the innovation and development of the electrical industry, assist in the construction of “Intelligent power grid”, provide the users with perfect customized electrical system solutions and give full play to the potential of electric power.