Exhibition Description

ELECRAMA is the biggest showcase of the world of electricity, ELECRAMA brings together the complete spectrum of solutions that powers the planet. Featuring not just equipment & technology, but peerless thought leadership platforms for everything electric - from technical conferences to industry summits.


1. No other event packs in as much value as ELECRAMA does.

2. Largest congregation of power sector ecosystem in the geography.

3. Widest Choice of product and technology across the spectrum on display - over 221 Transformers, 321 Cables & Conductors, 202 Control & Switchgear, 113 Instruments & Instrumentation amongst others.

4. Presence of global majors to small scale manufacturers - the entire value chain to strengthen supply chain, logistics & vendor capability assessment.

5. Deeper & direct trade engagement with buyers and sellers through purpose built events.

6. Preview new and upcoming product & technology, new specs & standards.

7. Explore investment opportunities & closer view of US$250 billion Indian Power Sector Opportunity.

8. Professional & peer networking across the globe and hierarchies through dedicated networking events.

9. Knowledge Sharing & Career Advancement through seminars, symposia and conferences.

Company Profile

Founded in 1984, the CHINT Group provides safe, reliable and stable industrial electrical equipment and solutions for energy ecient management systems. With 30 years of development, it has grown to be Asia's largest low-voltage electrical product supplier and is the leading brand of the whole industry chain in industrial electric in Asia. CHINT's sales revenue exceeded ve billion Euros in 2014. With three R&D centers located in Europe, North America and China, there are also branches in over 20 countries and more than 30,000 employees in the world. CHINT provides reliable products, system solutions and services to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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国内电力行业中规模最大、最具影响力的品牌电力展 - 国际电力电工展(EP),始于1986年,由中国电力企业联合会(www.cec.org.cn)及雅式展览服务有限公司主办,国内唯一获全球展览业协会认可(UFI Approved Event)之专业电力电工展。

每年轮流于北京、上海举办,承蒙业界人士及海内外参展商多年来的大力支持,2015年将迎来「第十届上海国际电力设备及技术展览会 (EP Shanghai 2015)」暨「第九届上海国际电工装备展览会 (Electrical Shanghai 2015) 」。展会于2015年10月14-16日,在上海世博展览馆盛大举行,展出面积达35,000平方米,参展商数目达1000家业内知名企业,展会规模再创历届高峰。

国内电力行业中规模最大、最具影响力的品牌电力展 - 国际电力电工展(EP),始于1986年,由中国电力企业联合会(www.cec.org.cn)及雅式展览服务有限公司主办,国内唯一获全球展览业协会认可(UFI Approved Event)之专业电力电工展。